Fair Trade

Fair_Trade_Quilled_NewQuilling Card, rooted in Vietnam, has been incredibly fortunate to assemble a team of women who have become passionate about the art of quilling. In 2015, we were honored to become Fair Trade Certified with the Fair Trade Federation. The organization focuses on maintaining a code of values for just treatment of employees. They encourage growth and sustainable business all over the world. Saying a product is ‘handmade’, especially overseas, can often carry a negative connotation if there is no transparency about the working conditions and treatment of employees. Allying with the FTF, we are proud to have established successful, flourishing business practices.

Last May, we opened the doors to our first factory in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. We were able to employ over 100 quillers, providing a stable, safe work environment with housing, healthcare, and food benefits. We are continually striving to create a community of women that love the craft and genuinely enjoy the creative outlet that quilling can provide, while simultaneously providing a living for themselves. With the rapid growth of our business, we were able to open a second factory soon after, employing over 60 quillers and counting. By mid-2016, we expect to have given jobs to over 300 locals in Ho Chi Minh City.

In addition to our wonderful team, Quilling Card has also been able to establish a Cottage Industry in Vietnam. Societal aid for those with disabilities is not the same as it is in the US, and often leaves people out of work and help. We have set up a program where these members of the community can come take our supplies and complete work in their home, on their own time. They are paid per piece finished, and are able to contribute and create beautiful work they otherwise would not have the chance to do.