Our Story

Quilling Card was born in 2012, somewhat out of the blue. Huong Nguyen Wolf, a native of Vietnam, had been working in Marketing throughout Southeast Asia and the US for large corporations such as Unilever and L’Oreal. After years working towards someone else’s dream, she decided to leave the industry and pursue her entrepreneurial spirit. Stumbling onto the art of quilling with her husband, Rafe, and seeing immense potential, our company was born soon after. We have been overjoyed with the growth of the business and happiness it has brought.

Our main office is in the US, in Framingham, MA. This is where the day-to-day business operates, where we warehouse and ship out our cards. Meet our team!


Huong Nguyen Wolf
(Chief Operating Officer)

Co-founder of Quilling Card, Huong is really the heart of our company. Her main job is to constantly improve the line, which is broken up into a myriad of different tasks. Huong manages domestic and international business operations, and is our point of contact with our team in Vietnam. She somehow manages to keep production (usually) flowing smoothly half a world away. She makes several trips back and forth a year to work directly with our team and insure our factories are running efficiently and are full of happy workers.

quilled cards

Raphael Wolf

Co-founder of Quilling Card, Rafe’s primary function is financial planning as well as sales and marketing.

Alex Wolf
(VP of Finance & Operations)



Gillian Welby

With over 20 years experience in finance, and 3 years with us, Jill maintains our books and is our go-to person with any financial questions. We love her because she excels at being meticulous, detail oriented, and is the world’s best problem-solver.

Sara Schofield 
(Graphic Designer)

Tuyet Phan
(Lead Quiller)

Tuyet is our lead quiller in Vietnam. She interprets the designs we compose here in the US, and comes up with the final quilled piece.

Erin Connors
(Business Development Director)

Tina Dumais
(Customer Service Representative)


We hope you love our line as much as we do, we have put our heart into creating the array of designs you see on these pages. If there is something you would like to see that isn’t here, or you have an idea of a custom design, please visit our Custom page for more information. We would love to hear from you!